Why Purchasing a Bidet Will Greatly Improve Your Life

Bidets are typically popular in Asia and Europe, as people in these countries know the benefits these products offer in the bathroom. However, people here in the US are yet, to traverse from using toilet papers to bidets. Sorry to say, many think that it’s a show of class or they are meant for wealthy people. However, installing bidets in your bathroom helps improve your hygiene, enhance comfort, and bring a stylish look into your toilet. Besides these, there are a wide range of benefits that you can get from installing bidets in your bathroom.

  1. Helps save your budget
    Toilet papers tend to be relatively cheap. However, if you calculate the cost of tissues you buy yearly, you will notice that the products are relatively expensive. Bidets can help you cut these costs into half as they require no maintenance cost. Furthermore, if you have a large family, guests, or roommates, you will notice that the bidet can help you avoid the cost of buying toilet papers.
  2. Provide better hygiene
    When you have germs or dirt in your arms, you prefer using water and soap over paper wipes. If your hands are scrubbed with the paper wipe, you will feel like it’s not enough and that you are still dirty. The same case applies to the use of bidets. These products typically use water to help clean your bottom surface. The use of these appliances will help eradicate the feeling of not being clean: thus, giving you confidence, comfort, and maintaining your hygiene.
  3. Bidets are environmental friendly
    Annually, Americans alone use a minimum of 37 million rolls of toilet paper. That is more than 10 million trees cut off and 500 gallons of water. However, even if tree farms supply toilet paper manufacturing companies with trees, that won’t be enough for them: hence, they will end up deforesting virgin forests to provide raw materials for toilet papers. The use of bidets helps reduce the use of toilet papers needed in the bathrooms. Hence, reducing the number of trees cut down annually to manufacture toilet papers, thus, benefiting the environment.
  4. Bidets are not irritating
    When you happen to run out of toilet papers, you find the experience annoying. Furthermore, if you have friends and relatives come over to visit, you might get embarrassed and also lose some confidence. In most cases, the use of wipes tends to be painful for people affected with hemorrhoids and syndromes. Hence, using a gentle bidet stream tends to give you a therapeutic and soothing experience, increasing your comfort. Bidets are also supreme for people with sensitive skin, allergies, and women who have given birth.
  5. Reduce Clogging in your toilets
    Clogging is a normal thing to users of toilet papers, and septic system. Large masses of toilet papers will always lead to clogging no matter how the toilet company says toilet paper is flushable. If your septic system plugs, it might end up leaking or having a deeper clog increasing your budget. Furthermore, removing clogs from toilets tends to be expensive for you and the county government. Installing bidets will help eradicate future clogs since the number of wipes used is less, adding your septic tank and pipes life span.
  6. Bidet helps reduce slamming the toilet and keeping toilet seats warm
    If the lid of the toilet isn’t shut, millions of germs spray out of the toilet, hence making it significant to close the lid before flushing the toilet. However, having a cover that slams down can cause havoc to the lead and also startle your friends or family. In this case, bidet seats tend to close slowly, reducing the slamming movement. However, you might find this feature useless, but with time, you will find it compelling.

During cold days, toilet seats tend to be cold, giving out an unpleasant and teeth-clenching experience. Bidet seats feature heated seats that provide a comfy and fantastic experience for users.

  1. Helps people with skin related problems and health
    People suffering from hemorrhoids and constipation tend to gain a lot from the bidet. The bidet has a nozzle tip designed to provide pressure and also ensure that you have a thorough clean up flushing your system inside out. If you are suffering from hemorrhoids, you don’t have to agonize from rough toilet papers affecting your skin. However, if you have a value for money, you can purchase a high-end bidet seat that offers a dryer and warm water solution compared to toilet papers.

Weak patients, especially those who have just come out from surgery or newborn mothers, can also benefit from bidets. With a bidet, you don’t have to add many struggles while cleaning yourself up. Furthermore, you will be able to clean yourself quickly and easily.

  1. Bidets purchase is cost-effective
    Many tend to reason out that bidets are meant for the rich and luxurious hotels and are expensive for home use. This is not the case; currently, if you have 100 dollars or less, you can quickly get yourself a high performing bidet for your home use. Thanks to technology, the latest models are easy to install, easy to use, don’t disrupt any interior design of your bathroom, and also not invasive.
  2. Helps prevent the spread of infections
    Bidets are useful when it comes to maintaining anal and genital hygiene. Installing a bidet in a bathroom used by many people can help limit the spread of urine bacteria, thus reducing the spread of related infections. Washing your bottoms with water help prevent the spread of infectious bacteria by removing fecal bacteria, which you might spread using your hands to other people.
  3. Adds comfort and luxury to your bathroom.
    Bidets come installed in all sizes and shapes. Furthermore, if you want to invest in an expensive bidet, you will find that it will give your bathroom a luxurious and comfortable look. Modern bidets can also easily fit into your current toilet; hence, you don’t have to buy a full bidet toilet to gain its benefits.

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