Top Best Bidets of 2020

With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in the year 2020, many simple everyday actions that we take for granted have become a bigger deal than we’re used to. Doing things as simple as walking outside, taking the train, or going to the grocery store have become a matter of life or death in certain circumstances. No longer can you leave the house even without putting on a mask!

Of course the most famous, or should I say infamous, a new problem that has arisen with this Covid-19 outbreak has been the sudden fear of impending toilet paper shortage. When the news broke that stores will be closing and new curfew measures were put in place, people stormed the stores in droves to buy as much toilet paper as they could in bulk. The fear was real that toilet paper would not be available to accommodate all of our most intimate bathroom needs that we have to easily take for granted.

For the savviest among us, however, we know that there are ways to reduce the amount of toilet paper we need. One excellent way to do that is to invest in a tried-and-true bathroom device that is already incredibly popular throughout Europe — the humble bidet. Bidets are wonderful centuries-old devices that you can use to wash your nether regions after each and every bathroom trip . With a simple spritz of water, you can clean an area that needs to get cleaned and significantly reduce the amount of paper needed to do so. Some long-time bidet-users claimed that they reduce their amount of toilet paper usage by 25-75% with it.

Reducing toilet paper isn’t just a good idea for the current global heal the crisis. Doing so also has other major environmental benefits. Besides the reduction in the number of trees that need to get chopped down to produce more toilet paper, using less toilet paper will also reduce the amount of buildup in septic tanks.
With all of these resasons to start using bidets, I present the following list of some of the best ones that you can find in 2020 to make the correct bidet choice for you. Buy one of these bidets, and do your part to improve the lives of yourself and the environment.

Best Budget Bidet: Luxe Bidet Neo 120

Don’t let the simple setup and low price fool you — this bidet packs a punch. It has plenty of features you would expect from pricier bidets, such as self-cleaning nozzles and adjustable jet pressure, but at a fraction of the cost. The Luxe Bidet Neo 120 also has a standard nozzle guard gate and installs easily to any toilet using a braided metal cold water hose. Users love using this bidet, lauding its usability and simplicity. A can’t miss for anyone looking for a solid entry-level bidet. Buy it in blue or white. You can grab this product on Amazon now for just $60.

Best travel Bidet Brondell GoSpa Travel Bidet

Most bidet users fall so in love with their personal sanitary products that they can’t imagine using a toilet without one. Unfortunately, most toilets do not come equipped with a bidet. Luckily for the travel-savvy, Brondell offers the perfect solution — the GoSpa Travel Bidet. This handheld pump fits conveniently in any bag or purse. Simply fill the water, give a squeeze, and you have a fully functioning bidet right in the palm of your hand. Reviewers particular appreciate the design of this bidet, as it is designed to reach your nether-regions with precision. This is perfect for camping trips or other travels to locations that may not have as much toilet paper as you are used to. Another great benefit – this simple bidet goes for just $15 on Amazon. Pick one up today!

Best handheld bidet – SmarterFresh Lifetime Hand Held Bidet Sprayer

For those looking for a quality bidet experience but uninterested in modifying their toilet, they need look no further than the SmarterFresh Lifetime Hand Held Bidet Sprayer. You can install this using a metal hose to your water line right next to your toilet. One of the advantages of a handheld is that you have more control over the aim. Instead of shifting your bum around, you can simply aim the hose to have the stream reach precisely where you need it. Just make sure you practice first as this particular method does take getting used to. However, once you get the hang of it, there’s no going back! Pick this item up for $49 on Amazon.

Best full seat bidet – Toto Washlet C100 – best full seat bidet

Many seasoned bidet users enjoy their bidet so much that they cannot imagine a bathroom experience without one. After several years of entry-level bidets, a popular next stage is to upgrade to a full seat bidet. A terrific full seat option is the Toto Washlet C100. This seat comes with many premium features such as — dynamic temperature range, toilet bowl pre-mist, heated seat, and air deodorizer. One unique feature includes air-in waves to the water, so the water that cleans you uses enlarged droplets at different speeds. You can get all of these features and more for a very reasonable price of under $400 on Amazon.

The best luxury bidet seat: Euroto Toilet Bidet

Looking for the best of the best? Become the talk of the town by owning the Euroto Toilet Bidet, one of the best-rated luxury bidets you can find. This bidet has it all – multi-sided washes, massage jets, seat warmers, in-bowl lighting, and even includes a water filter so you get cleaned by only the freshest of waters. This also has an innovative “skin-sensor” technology that adjusts the seat’s flexibility depending on the amount of time one sits on it. Keep in mind though that this luxury brand comes with a hefty price – currently, it lists for $900 on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

There are so many benefits to using bidets. Whether you are looking to save money on toilet paper, protect the environment, provide a more sanitary bathroom experience, or just a more pleasantly comfortable one, you will be surprised by what a difference a simple addition to your bathroom can make. With bidets available for any preference, whether you want something on the go or the latest bathroom enhancement experience available, you have the knowledge now to get into the bidet game wisely. So don’t wait and do your part in making 2020 the year of the bidet today!

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