Top 7 Gummy Vitamins for Children

These days, you can never be too safe when it comes to your child’s vitamin intake. I am going to help take the stress off of you a little bit and list out the top 7 gummy vitamins that you should look into if you think that your child is not getting the appropriate or recommended amount of vitamins daily. These vitamins are all safe for children and young teens, but you know your child better than anyone so make sure to do your research before deciding on a specific vitamin choice. Without further introduction, let’s dive right in to the first gummy vitamin on the list.

Olly Kids Multi + Probiotic Gummy Multivitamin.

This vitamin makes the list because it does not include any ingredients that could cause an outbreak for anyone with major allergens. It is a multivitamin so your child will get the dose of every vitamin they need without having to take multiple vitamins a day, just one of these will do the job. This vitamin pack specifically focuses on the probiotic portion of supplements, making it good for children with bad immune systems or digestive issues. You should not give this to a child under the age of 5 without talking to your doctor first.

Flintstones Multivitamin Complete.

This vitamin does contain coconut, wheat, and might contain tree nut. However, it is a complete vitamin and can be given to children by the time that they are 2. If you want to start your child on vitamins as soon as possible, and they are not allergic to any of the ingredients, this is the vitamin that you should choose. There are different versions of this vitamin, some for older kids and others for younger kids, but this one is best for toddlers and children. It’s delicious, safe, and gives them their daily dose of all their vitamins.

Olly Teen Girl Multivitamin Gummies.

For the teenage daughter in your life, you can get her these vitamins. They will help her in her transition from a child to a teenager in a very smooth and hassle-free way. This brand is highly trusted, which is why you might see it a few times in this list, and it can give your daughter all of her suggested daily vitamins, up to 15 essential vitamins, and even some lesser-known vitamins that you might not think about. This one is specifically labeled for teenage girls, so if you are looking for a vitamin for your young child or your teenage boy, this is not the vitamin for you.

L’il Critters Super Mario Power UPS Complete Multivitamin.

This is the best vitamin for your child who is lacking in growth. A lot of children have trouble growing taller, and that is completely okay. However, as they get older they might need to speed up the growing process a little bit. These vitamins will give you our essentials while helping them grow taller and stronger. They are also in the style of Mario so that your child will enjoy taking them.

Olly Kids Multivitamins Omega-3 Dietary Supplement Gummies.

A lot of kids also have allergies, or they have trouble eating fish because they are picky eaters, this vitamin will give them all of the Omega-3 that they need. This vitamin pack also gives your child the daily vitamins that they may need, but it is primarily based on the Omega-3 vitamin since it is a dietary supplement. This isn’t a go-to vitamin if you don’t have a picky eater or a child with allergies, but if that’s something you are dealing with, this vitamin is worth checking out.

Yummi Bears Complete Multivitamin for Kids.

This gummy comes styled as gummy bears, something kids absolutely love so that they will not have trouble going to get their daily vitamin. This pack gives them up to 16 essential vitamins that they need and it is safe for all kids 2 and up. This one gives a lot of vitamins that will promote healthy immune systems, blood cells, and even more. Your child will need to take 2 or more depending on their age, but the flavors make the vitamins taste like regular gummy bears, so your child should not have a problem.

Teen Multivitamin Gummies from Vitamin World.

Earlier in the story, I mentioned a teen girls’ vitamin, this one is not limited to a certain set of teenagers and can be given to all of them. This vitamin will give boys and girls alike the vitamins that they need to be healthy and strong. You will find that this vitamin has all of the essentials to promote happy and healthy blood, immune systems, and can give your child all of the energy that they might be missing. When you grow older, you play outdoors a lot less and you lose a lot of energy, these vitamins will bring that energy right back. The flavors are a bit sourer than the regular gummies you see, but that is what makes teens love to take them.

These are the top 7 vitamins available online for you to buy. They are all healthy, they all support healthy immune systems, but some of these vitamins have different features than the others. Make sure that you do your research thoroughly so that you can get the best vitamin for your child. Everyone is different so you want to make sure that these suggestions are going to accomplish what you need them to before making that final decision. If you were unsure before of where to begin your research, this will give you a nice idea of where to start your perfect vitamin search.

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