Top 5 Over-the-Counter Arthritis Creams

Arthritis is a painful condition affecting millions of people. It occurs when joints and tendons swell and become inflamed. Arthritis causes joint pain and stiffness that oftentimes debilitates the sufferer, making even daily activities difficult if not impossible. Men and women alike suffer from arthritis, although it affects women more often. More than 100 types of arthritis cause adults and children pain and discomfort each day.

How to Ease Arthritis Pain

Although no cure for arthritis exists, a plethora of treatments ease the pain, swelling and inflammation, and other symptoms that it causes. Finding the best arthritis treatment for your specific needs is important. With the right treatment, living a full life without the same limitations is possible, regardless of the type of arthritis pain that’s affecting your life.

Both prescription medications and over-the-counter ointments offer arthritis relief. Many people begin their treatment regimen using OTC medications before moving onto prescription medications. Not only do OTC medications offer fast relief, but they’re also usually less expensive and less invasive.

With dozens of over-the-counter arthritis creams available, choosing an effective product is sometimes difficult. All arthritis creams promise they’re the best, yet oftentimes leave its user feeling the pain, wanting more. Research before purchase and that concern diminishes.

What to Look for in an Arthritis Cream

Arthritis pain

The best arthritis cream varies from one user to the next and greatly varies depending on their needs. Choose a product with effective, proven ingredients that customers recommend. The reputation of a product or a brand brings to the table is extremely important, often indicating what a user can expect if they chose the cream. Additional considerations when choosing an arthritis include:

Ingredients: The main ingredients included in arthritis creams are NSAIDs, capsaicin, analgesics, salicylates, and counterirritants. Choose a product containing ingredients you trust.
Brand: Some brands are known for their quality products. Choose a product from such a brand for better results.
Costs: Some creams cost a few bucks while others cost a bit more. Determine a budget for your arthritis cream ahead of purchase. Some of the bet cramps are also the most inexpensive!
Style: Cream, lotion, roll-on and assorted other types of arthritic pain relievers are available. Determine which style you most prefer before shopping.
Safety: Safety first! Always research the safety and effectiveness of an arthritis cream before purchase.
Recommendations: Ask coworkers, family members, neighbors, trends and other trusted sources for recommendations. Word-of-mouth so often puts us in touch with the best information when we need it the most.

Five Best OTC Arthritis Creams

Leave worry behind as we reveal five of the best over-the-counter arthritis creams available without a prescription. Each cream included on this list has proven itself an effective, fast-acting, safe treatment for countless users time and time again. No matter which one of the great arthritis creams from this list that you choose, expect satisfactory results!

1- Aspercreme With Lidocaine

Doctor-recommended Aspercreme is sold over-the-counter without a prescription. Offering odor-free, effective arthritis pain relief, Aspercreme works on contact. Simply apply a small amount of cream to the affected area. The numbing lidocaine numbs the area, offering hours-long pain relief. Thanks to a non-greasy formula, Aspercreme is easy-to-use anywhere you experience pain.

– Safe and effective
– Odor-free

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2- Hemp Activ Hemp Pain Relief

Users searching for all-natural arthritis relief appreciate the results of this cream. Made with the power of hemp, Hemp Activ combines a menthol blend in the formula so users enjoy long-lasting pain relief. The product works well for all types of pain and can be used as often as necessary for pain relief. The cream also alleviates inflammation and helps ease muscle spasms, muscle cramps, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, and more. Hemp Activ is non-greasy and absorbs quickly into the skin.

– Contains ingredients including hemp, menthol, MSM, and Amica
– Non-isolate hemp formula
– Great for chronic pain

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3- Stopain Extra-Strength Pain Relief Roll-On

Designed in a roll-on style, Stopain is another recommended arthritis cream. With a non-greasy, non-staining formula, users can apply this cream any time, any place without worry. It’s great for travel since it fits into any bag. With effective ingredients such as glucosamine and MSM, Stopain does what its name promises. Not only do Stopain users enjoy fast relief from arthritis pain, but the cream also improves joint mobility and flexibility.

– Apply up to four-times each day
– 6% – 8% active menthol

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4- Blu Emu Analgesic Cream

Made using emu oil, Blu Emu analgesic cream works quickly, penetrating deeply into the skin for effective relief of sore, painful muscles and joints. There’s no odor or smell so users never smell like a medicine cabinet after application. The non-greasy formula is easy-to-apply anywhere on the body, offering its user hours-long pain-relief from even the most painful arthritic conditions.

– Apply 2-3 times per day, as needed
– #1 emu oil on the market

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5- Biofreeze Pain Relief Gel

Biofreeze Pain Relief Gel is a popular product for arthritis sufferers. The product is clinically proven to reduce pain associated with arthritis and additional types of pain. Anyone can benefit from a tube of Biofreeze in their medicine cabinet. The menthol cooling action is refreshing to the skin. Providing instant pain relief, Biofreeze is backed by a money-back guarantee!

– Odor-free formula
– Affordable price
– Recommended by doctors and pharmacists

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The Bottom Line

With a great arthritis cream such as one listed above, defeating the aches, pains and debilitating circumstances this medical condition creates is not only possible but easy. Now it’s time to research the ointments and find the best option for your specific type of arthritis pain!

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