The Many Benefits of Air Humidifiers

Humidity is the level of atmospheric water moisture present in the air. Humidifiers help increase or reduce the water vapor present in the atmosphere. According to a medical study, indoor humidity must range between 30 to 50 percent for it to be safe for humans. Most of us put air modifiers in our homes to either cool or warm the moist air inside. Hence, using an air humidifier, you can easily regulate your living environment to your likeness. Air humidifiers help in enhancing the continuous circulation of smooth and pure air into your congested office or apartment. However, air humidifiers have more benefits other than cooling and warming your apartment. Dry air can bring many issues in the human body, especially patients having respiratory problems. If you are an asthmatic patient, dry air can worsen the situation by causing dehydration, bronchitis, and sinusitis. Below is a list of the benefits associated with these products

1. Skin Moisture

Dry air may bring about a variety of negative symptoms such as itchiness, dryness, or flakiness. When air is heated and forces the humidity to go below 20%, it can make your skin to lose moisture content. The skin on the hand has a low number of oil glands compared to other parts of the body: hence, this makes it more vulnerable to moisture loss than any other region. Scientifically, lips are part of the skin; therefore, they tend to lose moisture content faster when the air is dry. If not taken care of, your lips may crack due to dryness of the lips.

You can use chap-stick or hand lotion to regain your moisture content and prevent dryness of the body. However, using air humidifier might be more effective as it cools and moistens the air. Furthermore, it might help rehydrate your skin, retaining a smooth and lovely surface.

2. Throat Protection

Vocal cords tend to be scratchy and dry when exposed to impure and dry air. If you continue living in the same condition for some time, your throat may experience irritation leading to loss of voice or hoarse.

People who recently had a virus or flu tend to be vulnerable if exposed to search conditions. However, if you try to maintain and control the humidity of the air you take in might be very useful in preventing future throat. Furthermore, moistened air help minimize the dryness in your throat that can easily cause inflammation of the voice box.

3. Sinus Health

If you have ever experienced a sinus problem, then you understand the challenges that one faces. Sinuses bring about discomfort in your nose and can easily lead to nose bleeding, headaches, or sinus pressure. Sinus channels can be quickly dried out by truncated humidity.

However, having an air humidifier in your office or home can help you tackle these challenges. Moist air increases the level of mucus flowing, clearing out the stuffiness in your nose. Furthermore, optimal levels of humidity not only clear out your noses but also protect you from nose bleeding at the same time, allowing you to breathe freely.

4. Reduces Snoring

Many people are yet to realize that dry air is the leading cause of snoring. When you inhale dry air, it reduces the moisture content present in your nose. Insufficient moisture leads to swelling and congestion of the nose and the throat, respectively. Thus, you find yourself breathing through the mouth, which leads to snoring. However, optimal humidity can help reduce the snoring since it moistens the air making your nose less stuffy. At the same time, giving you comfortable and luxurious sleep.

5. Inactivates Airborne Diseases

90% of airborne diseases are made inactive once you raise the humidity level to 45%. Once the viruses come into contact with the moistened air, they merge and become heavy. Therefore, they fall on the ground as a result of heaviness. This reduces the movement of the airborne particles around the air: thus, reducing the transmission of many illnesses such as Influenza. Most hospitals globally have incorporated the use of high humidity to protect other patients, doctors, and nurses from getting sick.

6. Protects Wood and Furniture

Dry air can cause cracking and damage to timbers. When it comes to wooden floors and chairs, the cracks can lead to joint loosening. The same case can happen to wooden doors, which might have difficulties in closing and opening. For woods to maintain a desirable shape, they need an optimal level of moisture. Using a humidifier in the right way can help keep the form of wooden furniture and products.

7. Adds Longevity to Your Paint

At times you might purchase an expensive painting, and it ends up having a short life span than you anticipated. Wallpaper and murals might peel off the walls due to extreme weather conditions. If you need to maintain the longevity of the paints, you must ensure that you keep an optimal humidity within the household.

8. Helps Plant Growth

It’s not only humans that benefit from a moist environment, but plants also benefit from humid air. Most household plants come from the forest; thus, to adapt in household environments, they need abundant moist air. However, if plants lack moisture enough, they may experience stunted growth or leaf loss. However, a humidifier can help moisten the plant giving it enough water.

9. Easing Asthma

Patients suffering from respiratory infections such as asthma, find humidifiers as an essential need. However, before any asthmatic patients delve into using these products, it’s recommended that they visit their doctors. The humidifier helps maintain a clean and moist environment. Nevertheless, high humidity might bring more harm than good as they prompt the growth of mildew and mold.

10. Prevents Static Electricity

Static electricity tends to increase in dry winter. Static shocks tend to be irritating when allied with fizzy hair. Furthermore, they might also bring damage to electronics. However, high humidity can help prevent and limit static shocks.

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