How to Decontaminate Your Groceries and Packages from Bacteria to Viruses

Due to the recent pandemic, people are now taking more precautions and keeping themselves safe. This is easy to see when you go to the supermarket and you see people wearing masks or wiping off their carts before they enter the store. With all these extra precautions being taken in our daily lives, it can be overwhelming for some to follow these new rules, but time can be taken to ensure your packages are clean.

Why would you disinfect your packages?

These days people are doing everything they can to keep germs and viruses off of them. This includes maintaining distance from other people, meeting in smaller groups and being more vigilant about what comes inside and outside of their houses. An important aspect of this is to be able to make sure that everything that comes in their houses is disinfected before they use it. Doing this will make any viruses less likely to invade through the packaging of the items they buy.

In the process of delivery, packages can change a lot of hands, and move through a bunch of different buildings and vehicles. And when people think about this it makes perfect sense as to why someone worried about germs and catching sickness would do what they can to mitigate any potential infection.

First step: Preparation

The first recommended step is to prepare a designated area for package disinfecting. It would be ideal for you to make a space in your garage, or in any room between the outside and the inside of your house. Take some time to disinfect that area and make sure you keep a piece of plastic nearby so that you can roll it down and put it on the floor when you are getting ready to disinfect your packages.

It is also important that you have the necessary accessories for your cleaning job. You probably want to keep around a couple of rags, disinfecting sprays such as Pine-Sol or disinfectant wipes, a couple of empty spray bottles for other cleaners, and a brush for any more difficult stains for cleaning. You need to be sure to keep any masks and rubber gloves around for yourself or anyone else who will be cleaning the packages.

Step two: Examine your packages

Once you have your cleaning area and all your cleaning material ready, put the packages in the area and prepare to cleanse them. Determine what the outer packaging is because if you have more paper oriented packaging such as cardboard, using a wet kind of cleaner could make things worse from the moisture. If you have more waterproof material such as plastic or cardboard coated with a plastic surface or gloss you can spray the cleaner directly on the package and wipe. For more sensitive and absorbent materials you would probably be better off spraying the cleaner on the towel itself and then wiping, reapplying cleaner when necessary.

When wiping, make sure to wipe the entire package from top to bottom. Depending on your feelings, you can reapply cleaner and wipe once again. If these packages are for adults, wiping the outside should be enough, however for children and the elderly, you should take the item out of the package and wipe the item down as well. Once you have finished cleaning the outer packaging, you can now move the item to whichever room it was originally going to be.

Step three: Organize the items after cleaning

Once you have finished cleaning your items, you must put them in a place where they stay clean. If you ever buy things with groups of items such as pencils, or something with a lot of pieces such as a chess set, it is a good idea to take all of the individual pieces and put them in plastic bags. After you bag the items, be sure to keep them together in the set as they were when they first arrived. You should keep three sizes of bags. Sandwich bags for the smaller pieces, the larger sized freezer bags for the bigger items that still need to be kept together, and a large bag such as a kitchen bag to put all the items in together. After you have done this, label the bag so that people know what is inside. Once you’ve done this, you can take the items to their designated areas and then put all of your cleaning supplies away.

Step four: Put everything away

Be sure to maintain a specific area for your cleaning supplies. If you have an in between room such as a garage, a mudroom or a laundry room. This is the area where you should keep your cleaning supplies and clean your new items. If you have removed any of the packaging, you should go right ahead and put that garbage in the trash can. It is probably better for you to add a utility knife to your cleaning kit for the easy disposal of boxes and other large packaging materials. Once you have cut up or folded up your large packaging, it should now be much easier to throw it away. It is advisable that you get a roll plastic if you want to lay plastic down on the ground. This will prevent you from using the same plastic on different packages, allowing you to throw the cleaning surface plastic away with the larger packaging.


People want to be safe. It is this need for safety which guides them to take on precautions which to some may be excessive, but perhaps will be the difference between sickness and health.

This article was written to give those who want to be clean a guide to keeping themselves safe from any outside contaminants that may come from the things that they order because their stores were closed and they needed to have it. These tips can apply to things you buy from a store or online. The most important thing to remember is to make sure that everything is thoroughly cleaned, not partially cleaned. Otherwise the entire process is made pointless.

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