How to Create Your Custom Home Workout

When it comes to staying in shape at home, planks and crunches can be the best exercises to use. Any exercise you do to stay in shape at home will help keep your body active and getting fit. But it can be difficult to stick with this type of routine and stay on top of it.

While working out at home can be fun, maintaining a good diet and eating healthy is also key in staying in shape at home.

Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water throughout the day to avoid dehydration especially while working out at home. Drinking water is essential for metabolism, temperature regulation, circulatory function and much more!1

So how much water should you drink? Most people need about four to six cups of water each day. That changes based on your activity level as well and if you are outside on a hot day for example… you should def consult with your Doctor, but during a higher lever of activity or temperature you should drink two to three cups per hour.2

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Build Your Routine

Planks and crunches are a great way to build your core

Planks and crunches work great because they engage so many different muscle groups at once. The abdominals, quads, abs, lower back, and even the chest, get working out by doing planks and crunches. By having so many different muscles involved, the repetition of the exercises build up their strength and you will start to notice a difference in your body.3

Remember, consistency is the key to staying in shape at home. Make a commitment to work your exercise schedule each day and stick with it. Don’t quit when you have a hard time, rather continue working until you find a level that makes you feel comfortable with it.

When you do your basic planks and crunches at first, make sure you’re able to complete them in 30 seconds or less. If you are not getting to the 30-second mark, add five seconds to the time to give yourself more time to complete the exercise.

To help keep you on track as you get into the routine for your fitness goals, it’s important to make a list of your fitness goals. It can be as simple as listing what you would like to accomplish in the next two weeks. By setting goals, you are also making yourself aware of what needs to be done in order to reach those goals.

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Stick to the Basics

Stick to the basic exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups

Doing your home workout, you should stick to the basic exercises that can be easily performed at home.  Such as squats, pushups, sit-ups, and burpees. These exercises will target similar areas that planks and crunches target while confusing your muscles to generate better results.

Knowing how to stay in shape at home will be easier if you have a variety of exercise options and routines that you can use.

Example workout:

5 rounds of: (1-minute break between each round)

  • 20 Squats
  • 15 sit ups
  • 10 push ups
  • 5 burpees

Home Suspension Training

Suspension training is another great way to have a great workout in the confines of your home. It’s a good alternative to traditional exercise modalities. It improves your muscular fitness and cardiovascular shape.4

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A Family Event

With fitness, just about everyone who has a few hours to spare will benefit from joining in a daily routine of home fitness workouts. By getting the whole family involved, home fitness workouts are a great way to work together toward a common goal. Getting the whole family involved means more of everyone’s attention is focused on fitness rather than other concerns.

Of course, one of the greatest benefits of staying in shape with at-home workouts is the increased productivity that results. Everyone will be forced to take a little more care of themselves and not let their day simply pass them by. When everyone is in better shape and taking a little more time to eat healthier, they are also more likely to feel better and be more productive.

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Better Quality of Life

Another benefit of staying in shape with at-home workouts is the increase in quality of life that comes with an increased level of fitness. With exercise, staying in shape can allow someone to better control their moods and emotional well-being. Aerobic exercises, including jogging, swimming, cycling, walking, gardening, and dancing, have been proved to reduce anxiety and depression.5

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Exercising regularly also been proven to lead to decreased chances of developing illnesses and medical conditions that often plague people who aren’t in good physical shape. There is a direct relationship between physical activity and your health status. Regular physical activity can be effective in preventing several chronic diseases (e.g., cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, obesity, depression and osteoporosis).6

For this reason, a group of family members who participate in at-home workouts, everyone in the family will benefit from improved levels of health and happiness. This is why it is important for everyone to know what they are doing and to share information and tips with each other to make sure that everyone stays healthy and ready to tackle whatever fitness challenges the future may bring. By getting the whole family involved in doing these exercises, there is a greater chance that everyone will get the full benefit of the workout.

The benefits of staying in shape with at-home workouts can also extend beyond the family to those who are invited to take part. People who are invited to take part in a home fitness routine will benefit from knowing that there is a good chance that all of the family members will benefit from the same exercise routine. By adding the entire family into the exercise routine, there is a greater chance that everyone in the family will benefit.

Overall, the benefits of staying in shape with at-home workouts are many. Not only does it allow everyone to stay healthy and to keep healthy, but it also allows everyone to be more productive and happier with their lives. It is great for everyone involved to get together and create a healthy routine that will help everyone stay healthy, happy, and active for years to come.


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