Home Workouts: Quarantine Workouts to Keep You in Shape

There are many benefits to working out at home with advanced virtual programs that can meet the needs of novices and professionals alike. Although personal trainers may not be the ideal service for this period of quarantine, this doesn’t mean that you can’t apply their principles on their own. Having someone present to guide you through proper form and technique is a luxury that can be replicated through virtual services. It’s a challenge to stay in shape when you’re cooped up inside all day, but there is no excuse for not staying active, and moving around will yield far more results and benefits than one ever could imagine during the quarantine. It’s important to effectively apply the working knowledge given regarding the different types of workouts to make the stretch towards normalcy much easier. Now is an excellent time to get in shape indoors, especially with increasing allergies and the spread of the virus. Many people already workout inside around this time because of all the pollen, but now that we are limited in social interaction, the internet has become the main hub and resource for all fitness needs!

Upper Body

Upper body workouts can be accomplished with no equipment from the comfort and safety of your own home. When in doubt, return to the basic fundamentals of working out and you will see amazing results while saving money. There’s nothing more liberating than accomplishing a sought after push up goal and works the chest, arms, and portions of the back. Push-ups are an extremely effective exercise that utilizes body weight and tension to build endurance and strength over time. Along with this is another effective exercise that has been done for centuries known as the pull-up. This will help to work the shoulders, upper back, and arms. These two power workouts are staples of the classic upper-body program, and you will see many of them incorporated as fundamentals in many of the virtual programs we see today. No matter what program you choose, these will most likely be implemented because they are simplistic and don’t require any equipment except for a pull-up bar. Even if you don’t have a bar then there are pull up variations that can be done using a chair or other household items. These upper body workouts will give anyone the cutting edge of a home workout!

Lower Body

Most programs in online fitness courses include exercises that everyone has done in P.E. at one time or another. The classic squat is no exception and proves to be one of the most effective ones at burning fat and working for multiple muscle groups in the lower body. The squat has many variations that will appear in different programs, and Athlean X is a program that features many forms of squats and implementation of the medicine ball. Squats will help you maintain a level of strength in the legs that will keep anyone in shape for the summer during this quarantine. Another staple exercise that has proven to be very effective at supercharging any cardio session is lunges. These utilize the weight of your own body to prove a very challenging and effective workout. If you haven’t done them ever, then it’s important to take it slow. Sometimes people’s minds can race ahead of the body when it isn’t ready, and this will prove to be a very painful experience the next day. Setting up a lower-body regimen is important to work your way up to multiple sets of these exercises for home safety.

Core workouts

And last but definitely not least, the widely neglected core training workouts. These are found in large quantities over the internet and are among the most popular because people seek to get rid of their belly fat. However, implementing all muscle groups in a full-body workout is what creates a balanced environment for burning overall fat. There is no such thing as targeted fat loss, but core workouts will help you to achieve a stronger balance. One of the most common and important exercises in training the core is the plank. This is often seen as a warmup exercise, but the results can be massive when incorporated religiously into any routine. The plank can be brutal depending on how long you hold it for, and how many sets you do. This exercise will help to establish a better basis for other exercises and is features extensively in programs like RIPT 90 and Insanity workouts. These can all be tackled from the comfort of your own home and will get the heart pumping. Not to mention when you strengthen the entire body and really dedicate time to breaking a sweat, the brain will feel much clearer and will process food easier. Less brain fog means less worry about the current situation, and more blood flow helps to strengthen the immune system.

Staying healthy and well

It’s important to have the proper nutrients when training at home. Stocking up on the right stuff to fuel for the workouts before and after will determine how much energy one has during any session. One common mistake people make is taking vitamin supplements before they workout. These are to be taken when you eat to refuel and give the body more of what you burned. Natural carbohydrates are the best source of energy when tackling a vigorous workout, and there is no shame in stacking up the carbs before doing intense exercise. One useful supplement that you can take to ensure bone health is calcium. This is commonly taken by fitness experts before a workout to encourage a healthy session with less risk of injury. All of these convenient stay at home exercises can and will help you achieve health despite the conditions of the world right now. Exercise will never be a truly enjoyable thing at first, but the body adapts and you get better over time. Healthy living is important while we are at home!

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