Foods To Naturally Enhance Your Immune System

The Coronavirus also is known as COVID-19, is regarded by medical experts to be a common virus. It is classed in the same family as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, (MERS) and the more recent SARS, (symptomatic acute respiratory syndrome). Common development for one diagnosed with COVID-19 is the eventual occurrence of upper respiratory infection. Signs and symptoms for this novel Coronavirus are coughs, sneezing, runny nose, sore throat and fever. Some or all these may be present.

Persons at risk for Covid-19 are those with compromised immunity, the older citizenry, smokers, those known to have pulmonary or respiratory conditions.

In the United Kingdom, it has been asserted that children may contract COVID-19, but the incidence is small in comparison to the adult population, and in general, signs and symptoms are less taxing. In China, a study was conducted that found about 2 percent of fatalities occurred in children diagnosed with COVID-19. This finding comprised data from the time of the outbreak, mid-December to mid-February 2020. A study conducted in the US found no fatalities among children diagnosed with this novel virus.

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The topic of immunity is vast and requires some basic understanding in a discussion concerning COVID-19. The immunity system is said to be the human body’s natural defense system against foreign bodies that arise within the environment. Medical science believes immunity can be further defined as innate immunity or adaptive immunity.

Innate immunity is the human body’s basic defense against invaders or antigens. Innate immunity reveals itself in the skin, mucous membranes, and select cells with cytotoxic capability.
Adaptive immunity is less specific. Antigens or invaders, as we are calling them, eventually appear either as proteins, lipids, or carbohydrates. The COVID-19 virus is alleged to be protein molecules in nature, and the virus itself is rather fragile. The immunity system has been said to be the cornerstone for disease prevention or disease recovery. Moreover, in structure, this vast system is likened in complexity to the human nervous system. The immunity system is made up of tissues, cells, and organs. Opinion seems widespread that this human system can be challenged if one is overly stressed and or in a frequent state of tension. So too, the tonsils, digestive system, bone marrow, skin, spleen, cells, and tissue are found within the human immunity system.
The immunity system is also likened to a bank. The innate immunity builds its account perhaps through breast-feeding after birth and/or formula – along with standard vaccines that are administered by medical professionals as we progress through life. Tetanus, flu, and measles are common conditions that undergo vaccination to strengthen the human immune system.
Even though there is minimal evidence to support the claim that observing good nutritional recommendations boost immunity, they may be better regarded as helping to maintain immunity and thus slow the prospect of acquiring any number of diseases.

As mentioned, the immunity system is challenged if one is in an ongoing state of stress and tension. Observing recommended nutrition strategies has been found to include:
Minimize air pollutants in the body
Lower the occurrence of such conditions as stroke and heart attack
Lower blood pressure levels
Lower prospect of type 2 diabetes

It has been noted that apples are rich in fiber, and help one lessen consumption of processed or homemade desserts. Pumpkin seeds contain magnesium, which help relax tense muscles and increase the prospect for a good sleep. It is suggested that white potatos and sweet potatos may decrease the likelihood of cancer. Greens such as spinach, kale and collards aid cell growth as they contain antioxidants. Again, these citations aid prevention within the immunity system, but are not known to fully eradicate disease. Hence, as COVID-19 is characterized as an air-borne virus, it may be contracted by someone who observes many of the recommended strategies for disease prevention.

As the world at large is currently experiencing the COVID-19 outbreak, nutrition experts urge observing some guidelines that can help protect one from the possibility of getting the virus. These recommendations include:
Consume an array of whole grains and veggies in the daily diet.
Consider making one trip per week to the supermarket. The family may be involved in meal planning for the week to aid in developing a shopping list.
If food items are in cupboards, the refrigerator or pantry, inventory what is on hand and plan meals according to what is available.

Meal planning for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for one week can be shared within the family. Again, emphasis on veggies, fruits, and whole grains is encouraged. Consider the following purchases when creating a shopping list:

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Breads: Bagels, whole grain English muffins, corn tortillas.

Grains: Oatmeal, (original or instant), quick-cooking pasta, brown rice and couscous.

Fruits: Fresh sturdy fruits like apples, pairs and peaches, citrus albeit canned juice, fresh squeezed juice or citrus fruits.

Veggies: celery, broccoli, onions and potatos to mention a few. If fresh or frozen veggies are in short supply or not available, nutrition experts suggest canned or frozen veggies may contain the same nutrient value as fresh ones. One may wish to rinse and drain canned veggies before preparation to eat.

Foods consumed to support optimal human immunity may be flavored with spices or herbs, or a variety of vinegars. It is recommended to go easy on purchasing processed foods such as cookies, ice cream and frozen dinners. These contain preservatives and such to enhance taste, and move away from what is considered clean eating. One final tip, financial in nature, is to limit meat purchases, and consider homemade chili or making hummus from chickpeas.
These above practices and guidelines may help ensure that the cornerstone of one’s body can continue to serve as a barrier for numerous outside antigens – known as the human immunity system. So too, early diagnosis increases the likelihood of well-timed recovery.

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