Demystifying the Science and Misconceptions Behind NAD

For decades, the idea of a magical longevity pill had remained futuristic concept confined to fictional works such as movies and novels. However, there is a growing consensus within the scientific community that the time is right for the development of an anti-aging solution. The recent technological developments have fueled the momentum in research and clinical trials for different anti-aging supplements by pharmaceutical companies and scientists. The growing popularity of NAD pills as alternatives for treating aging-related diseases has moved us closer towards finding the mythical fountain of youth.

The Science Behind NAD

Naturally, the human body is capable of producing adequate amounts of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD). The molecule is a coenzyme produced by the biosynthetic pathways in the body. NAD is responsible for fundamental cellular and physiological functions of the human body.During energy metabolism in the mitochondria, NAD conveys the electrons and hydrogen required by the process. This critical role it plays in the conversion of digested food into energy is one of the reasons why scientists have focused their anti-aging research on mitochondria.

As we age, cellular functions, including energy and NAD production, decline. Our bodies degrade the available NAD faster without replenishing. The loss of stamina and low energy levels we feel as we age is due to the inability of the mitochondria to produce enough useable energy. The mitochondria become flaky and deteriorate.

The longevity research has also narrowed down on NAD because of the role it plays in muscle aging. NAD is responsible for the activation of sirtuin, the longevity proteins, in the body. These proteins are responsible for the maintenance of muscle integrity. In particular, these proteins line blood vessel walls and maintain their shape. The decaying of mitochondria and the resultant decline in NAD levels leads to aging-related heart problems and other neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Aging is also associated with DNA degeneration, which is one of the primary causes of neurodegenerative diseases among the elderly. The loss of critical genetic material leads to muscular degeneration and loss of motor and neural coordination. These symptoms are associated with Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s.

The conditions worsen with time with increased DNA degeneration. NAD, when reduced or oxidized, facilitates DNA repair activities. The molecule has two nucleotides within its structure, which the body needs during DNA repair. The effect NAD has on DNA repair and energy metabolism are also the molecular basis of treating insulin-dependent type 2 diabetes.

Therefore, the focus on boosting NAD production in the body cells is aimed at facilitating self-healing of the cells and the DNA.Science envisions a scenario where the body, including the cells and the organelles, can self-rejuvenate, leading to the reversal of the aging process. The decay of mitochondria, in particular, interests scientists and companies leading the NAD research.

The organelle plays a critical role in replenishing the body’s energy reserves, and other critical functions. The essence of reversing aging is the rejuvenation of cellular processes by reversing mitochondrial deterioration. At its best, NAD supplements should help individuals achieve healthy longevity.

Misconceptions about NAD

NAD is a relatively novel idea that seeks to challenge the true essence of life and human experience. However, it is shrouded in myths and misconceptions stemming from different quarters, including the scientific community. NAD has been misconstrued as a buzzword and a biohack whose growing popularity is undeserved. However, research into NAD began over a decade ago, with the current technological advancements playing a critical role in the acceleration of progress made over the past few years.

The current successes are built on years of painstaking research, not only on the molecule but also on the molecular basis of the various aging-related medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and degenerative heart problems. The idea of boosting NAD production in the body to facilitate self-healing was born out of a necessity to improve the quality of life even as we age.

One of the commonest misconceptions about NAD research and supplements is the lack of FDA approval. Without the FDA approval, many critics perceive NAD supplements as an underground treatment with little to no scientific data to underline its efficacy.

However, such misconceptions and criticisms overlook the novelty of the concept. The idea is in the early stages of development. The research data from different critical trials in humans and mice show that NAD has a huge potential of unraveling the mystical fountain of youth by reversing the aging process.

NAD and Healthy Living

NAD supplements are not magic pills that instantly fix the human body. Achieving a healthy and long life is a multifactorial undertaking that requires healthy living. Taking the NAD pills to rejuvenate deteriorating mitochondria while engaging in unhealthy eating habits can be counterproductive.

The key to successfully boosting of your energy levels and reclaiming your waning stamina due to advancing age is eating healthy. The net effect of the supplements is determined by your dietary behavior, including the type, frequency, and amount of food you take. The foods we consume have a direct effect on the health of our cells, which are the building blocks of the human body.

Additionally, develop a good exercise routine to rejuvenate your body by eliminating those harmful chemicals in the body through sweating. Even without the NAD supplements, the health benefits of exercising at a cellular level are well-established in scientific studies. There are numerous age-appropriate exercises for healthy living, including yoga, bike riding, and swimming. NAD pills are meant to supplement, not substitute, your body’s natural physiological and metabolic activities and systems.

Other health living activities you can adopt even as you take NAD supplements include avoiding smoking and excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. These practices usually strain your body, including vital organs such as the kidney. Quality sleep will also help in improvising your health by helping the body to rejuvenate after a long day of activities.

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