5 Electric Toothbrushes That Are Worth All the Buzz

Do you want to buy the best electronic toothbrushes for you and family? Either way, finding the perfect toothbrush is the uphill task you should deal with fast. You want to spring for the excellent stuff that actually does the work, not just a fancy gadget that looks good on your bathroom sink. With many products on the shelf and online claiming to be the best, it does not make this any easier. So we have sifted through them all and selected 5 of the finest brands.

Foreo ISSA 2

With a sleek streamline design, this new toothbrush from Foreo is both very appealing to the eye and practical. Just like its preceding model, this toothbrush has a quick-dry, flexible, soft brush head. It is a silicone material that is 100% waterproof. However, this new model comes with enticing new features. To avoid the issue of under or over brushing, the toothbrush comes with a two- minute timer and +/- buttons do you can easily adjust speed. The 16 various speeds are significant in repelling plaque. Compared to most electric toothbrushes, you do not have to worry about cluttering your bathroom sink with a charging point. Simply recharge your brush using a USB cord.

That is not the most impressive quality yet. The ISSA2 comes with the ultimate battery. With an hour’s charge, your toothbrush can go for 365 rounds. The .2 model has dramatically improved the pulses per minute from an average of 183 to 11,000. Say goodbye, bacteria build-up. If you are the sensitive folk, Foreo has a set of two heads. One is a PTP polymer, while the other is super-soft silicone. It has a comfortable grip, and the head is angled to reach the back teeth.

Rotadent Contour Brush

If the kids don’t brush their teeth before bed, you should spice bedtime with the Rotadent Contour Brush. Not only does it make oral hygiene fun, but it is also very effective, in less a minute, the toothbrush interproximal removes plaque and below the gum. This is made possible by the 360-degree rotation of the Micro Access filaments. It has two modes so that you can adjust according to the teeth sensitivity of the kids. Being only 1/3 of the size of standard bristles, The Micro Access bristles can easily fit between the teeth and below the gums. The brush is designed with a rubber grip handle so that it is more relaxed and more comfortable to use. This way, you do not have to worry about the kids picking their brushes from the floor or sink every second.

To make packing more comfortable, the Rotadent toothbrush comes with a travel case. This toothbrush has a battery life of up to twenty-one days between charges. The Rotadent package is inclusive of a charger, a travel case, a hollow-tip brush head, a Rotadent contour brush handle, and a short-tip brush head. For the kids with dental or crown restorations, the Hollow-tip brush is designed to clean along the gum-line and remove plaque from teeth.

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean

The most noticeable feature of the Philips Sonicare would be the remarkable 31,000 strokes a minute. Think again. This piece is made up of high-quality tech pieces and uses smart technology as an aid to better oral hygiene. The package is inclusive of four different heads, rinsing glass, one brush, charger, a USB travel case, the access to your oral hygiene tracking app, and, ultimately, a manual.

The brush is a minimalist dream, with white, seamless grip material. Also, DiamondClean recalls the preferred mode each time you brush your teeth. The brush has a single button that acts both as a power button and mode selection. It has up to 5 brushing modes, which allow you to choose an optimal model depending on your cleaning needs; however, compared to other electric brushes, Philips Sonicare gives subtle directions through little flashing lights. The smart timer automatically turns off the handle once the allocated time is up. This is a slight inconvenience for individuals with dental work.

The base is covered in polished steel, which allows you to charge your brush wirelessly. All you’ve got to do is place the handle on the charge. The brush can last up to twenty-one days, even when using it twice a day for two minutes.

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Oral-B Pro 1000

If you are not looking to splurge on a toothbrush, then this Oral-B is an effective electric toothbrush with the decency to stay within an affordable price range. Unlike most brushes, this piece is fully compatible with an extensive variety of replacement heads. This model cleans 3x better compared to standard brushes. You have plenty of choices when it comes to brushing heads, with up to nine varieties. They include sensitive, floss action, whitening, deep clean, extra gum line cleaning, and orthodontic care.

Every 30 seconds, the brush will vibrate gently to indicate it is time to clean the next quadrant of the mouth. If you apply too much pressure, the brush will stop rotating. Once you stop pressing too hard, it will spin again automatically. With the CrossAction brush head, you are guaranteed that the brush will reach every nook and cranny between your teeth and below the gum line.
The brush can last seven days within charges. With a tiny recharging base, you do not have to worry about clutter on your bathroom sink. Whenever the battery is low, the brush blinks a red light.

Goby Electric Toothbrush

This brand is proof that the cheaper brand can be as good as the pricey one. The Goby brush heads are more affordable compared to other brands, going for $6. The brush package is inclusive of a brush head, hygiene stand, the toothbrush, USB converter, USB charging shell, and a hygienic case cover. You can pay $75 for a one time purchase or chose to pay $60 for the brush. With the second option, you subscribe to get $6 brush heads throughout the year. The delivery is free. Undeniably the brushes are beautifully designed. With a vigorous and aggressive cleaning technique, it is sure to clear the grime and plaque from your teeth. The charging dock is easy to use and does not use much of your sink counter-top space.

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