MSM Recommended Dosages


Nutritionists recommend a daily intake of 4 to 20 grams.† It is equal to 1 to 5 levels teaspoons a day.

We have seen good results for minor problems such as acid reflux or muscle soreness with 2 grams taken 2X a day.† A person with sever rheumatoid arthritis could try 10 grams 2X a day after slowly increasing the dosage over ďa several week periodĒ.

Different people will require different amounts.† Listen to your own body.† If you donít see results for a particular ailment, try slowly increasing the amount daily ( always staying within the recommended range.)† Once you start seeing satisfactory results you may want to try cutting back on the amount.† If you are taking too much you are only wasting your money.

Because MSM is completely water soluble, it is safe to take in the recommended range. Larger quantities ( in the 20 to 40 gram ranges ) should be taken only ďwith a physicianís supervisionĒ due to MSMís blood thinning effect.


MSM comes in a crystallized form.† Place the amount to be used in an 8 oz. Glass and add warm to hot water.† Stir until it is dissolved.† A dose of MSM,† added to a quart of water or juice and consumed throughout the day is the best way to best benefit.† You can also take it twice a day and still get good results.† MSM is an energy enhancer; so donít take it after 5 PM.

MSM-Plus has added sweetener to eliminate some of the bitter taste of the sulfur.† Adding it to some type of juice will eliminate most of the unpleasant taste.† Orange juice or grape fruit juice are two favorites.† Adding 500 milligrams of Vitamin C daily will add to the effect.

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