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Trichomonas vaginalis, or trich, as it is commonly called, is a tiny protozoa, a one celled organism found in both men and women. At least 50 percent of all women have trich organisms in their vaginas, though often with no symptoms. (Men are usually asymptomatic.) An overabundance of trichomonads within the vagina and urinary tract causes an infection to develop. Trich grows best in a slightly alkaline environment. As blood is alkaline, women are more prone to infection during menstruation. Trich also grows out of control and develops into infections during times of stress, anxiety, and poor health.

Trich usually manifests itself with a yellow or yellowish-green discharge which is thin, foamy, and has a foul odor, often described as "fishy." It can cause a burning sensation during urination, and occasionally, a swelling or bleeding of the vaginal walls. In addition, chronic cervicitis (infection of the endocervical glands that line the cervical canal) can occur. Because trichomonads travel through tiny lymph channels between the vagina and urethra, associated urinary tract infections, such as cystitis, are common.

A simple and effective way of recognizing an early trich infection is by doing a self-examination. Check your discharge. Is it frothy or thin? Yellow, yellowish-green, or gray? Using a speculum (available through clinics and women's health centers), you can look for the discharge that pools just below the cervix. It sometimes appears to have air bubbles in it. There may also be raised, red patches on the vaginal walls and cervix, indicating irritation and inflammation. A diagnosis can also be obtained, of course, at clinics and women's health centers, where a sample of the discharge is examined with a microscope.

Supplements and herbs

Because of the harmful side effects that may accompany medication treatments, it is wise to try natural remedies first. Most of the following may be used in conjunction with allopathic medications:

Abstain from intercourse. Trich is contagious and is easily passed back and forth between partners. Also, intercourse can further agitate the already inflamed vaginal lining.

Use garlic suppositories daily. Take garlic oil capsules internally. Garlic has proven to be especially beneficial for trichomonas.

Vinegar douches are very helpful when treating trich. Since trich grows best in a slightly alkaline environment, douching with acidic solutions like vinegar can eliminate the infection. Gently douche every couple of days with the Douche for Yeast Infections.

Oat straw herb (not oatmeal) is a specific for trichomonas and should be used in conjunction with other teas. Drink oat straw tea both as a curative and a preventative.

Take two capsules of Chaparral Combo three times a day until symptoms disappear.


Follow directions for encapsulating herbs.

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