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Mouth ulcers

Mouth ulcers are often seen as white, gray, or yellow spots on the inside of the mouth, these ulcers can occur singly or in clusters inside the mouth or oral cavity. Mouth ulcers tend to be extremely painful and are often inflamed, and can be identified by the red border forming around the affected patch of skin. Mouth ulcers have many known causes and can sometimes be due to physical injury, such as biting the skin on the inside of the mouth. Physical cuts from being scraped by ill-fitting sharp braces or dentures, for example are the other main causes of mouth ulcers. Other causative factors for mouth ulcers can be symptomatic displays of an undetected digestive disorder in the patient. Mouth ulcers can also be caused by a physical response to mental condition such as extreme stress, on the other hand a virus or other pathogen can also induce ulcer formation in the oral cavity. If any ulcer in the mouth fails to heal by itself within three or four weeks from the initial date of development, than the patient must have it examined by his or her dentist or by a qualified doctor at once.

Supplements and herbs

Patients affected by mouth ulcers must take daily capsule or tablet supplements of the nutritional substances such as the vitamin A at dosage strength of 750 micrograms, the vitamin E at dosage strength of 250 milligrams, and the vitamin B2 at 10 milligrams strength. Ulcers can also be healed or treated using direct applications of the oil of vitamin E, this oil can be simply squeezed from a pierced or broken capsule-easily available at all major chemist stores.

Herbs can also help in treating ulcers, and the myrrh is an effective herbal antimicrobial agent which can be used to treat ulcers in the mouth. This herbal remedy is recommended for specific use against mouth ulcers. The herbal remedy can be prepared by mixing four fifths of a teaspoon of the herbal tincture to a cup of warm water; this solution can then be used as a mouthwash to rinse the mouth thrice every day. The herbal tincture can also be used in an undiluted form for severe mouth ulcers as an effective mouthwash. Used without adding water, the tincture may sting a little, but is much more effective and longer lasting. Mouth ulcers that have come about as a result of physical injury can be treated by rubbing a little aloe vera gel on the ulcer directly as a topical treatment.


Wash your mouth three to four times daily with a mixture of one drop of lavender and geranium essential oils and half a cup of water.


The following homeopathic remedies given here can be take in doses about once every two hours on the first day when the ulcers appear, and thrice a every day for two to three days as the ulcer heals. The treatment of ulcers which form on the edges of the tongue, and which are characterized by a burning pain can be done using Arsenicum album at a potency of 6c. For mouth ulcers that are yellowish and indented, with a firm and thick texture along with the presence of a stinging pain can be treated using Kali bichromicum at a potency of 6c. At the same time, the mouth ulcers that tend to form along the palate or the tongue, which are yellowish and feel spongy, and come along with gums which bleed easily can be treated using the homeopathic remedy Mercurius solubilis at a potency of 30c used every day.

What else you can do

The dietary regimen that most naturopaths will recommend for a patient afflicted by mouth ulcers includes a purifying diet, full of all kinds of fruit juices, different fruits, and lots of vegetables for a period of two days from the initial appearance of the ulcer. This diet must also be combined with the consumption of a whole-grain diet which includes the consumption of plenty of raw and well cooked vegetables. At the same time, people whose mouths are too sore to eat the rough food, can drink juices or liquefy the vegetables as a stew or broth. While following the diet all patients must make sure that they stay away from foods which may cause allergies or other reactions.

More useful herbs

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